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Relaxation Therapy

Image by Timothy Meinberg

"Take time each day to sit still and listen to things. Pay attention to the melody of life resonating within you." Buddha

Do you know that feeling?: You are lying in bed and want to sleep, you are really tired and exhausted, but you can't get any rest, your thoughts are constantly spinning and you just can't fall asleep? Or do you suffer from tension, back problems, headaches? Do you generally feel like you can't relax, feel rushed, restless and irritable, maybe have trouble concentrating? These are all indicators that your body is desperately trying to tell you something. Whether the trigger is a frightening diagnosis, too much stress at work, stress with the family, or general dissatisfaction with the current life situation, the mental and physical consequences of stress are always the same. Very quickly we get into a vicious circle as we get more and more stressed because we are so stressed and we can't relax. It is all the more important to break this vicious circle and learn to finally relax and give body and mind the opportunity to regenerate. Depending on your situation and your wishes, I use deep relaxation, autogenic training, progressive muscle relaxation, meditation and Qigong for relaxation. 

It is essential that we learn to calm down and activate the vagus nerve, which is responsible for rest and regeneration. It is the antagonist of the sympathetic nerve, which is always active when we are under stress and tension and whose permanent activation is harmful to our health and makes relaxation impossible. I will support you on this path so that you can find more peace, balance and contentment. Only if we have enough peace within us can we make clear decisions and lead a generally happier and healthier life in the long term.

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