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Zen Business Coaching

Image by Lesly Juarez

In today's fast-paced, changing times, successful management work must be carried out in the challenging field of personal insecurity and fear of loss of control. When do you need orientation and stability, when do you need openness to new ideas and creativity?

Managers need a good balance between mental stability and mental flexibility, an alert, clear mind, as well as inner calm and balance in order to be able to pay the appropriate attention to every situation and derive the necessary strategies for action.

I offer support.

What is your benefit

  • You regain mental and physical balance and inner clarity

  • Through rest, focus and relaxation we promote concentration and creativity

  • You stay/come in contact with yourself (emotional self-regulation) and

  • with your environment (increase in emotional intelligence and empathy)

  • You will find orientation, clarity and stability

The offer

  • Management seminars and lectures "Mindful Leadership" (lead yourself and others mindfully)

  • Seminars, lectures and workshops on stress management & mindfulness

  • Individual Zen coaching for specialists and executives

  • Seminars on stress prevention

  • relaxation courses

  • Comparing of company events in German or English


Hochschule für Technik in Stuttgart

Max Planck Institute

Holtzbrinck Publishing Group
Klinikum Stuttgart 
Rems-Murr Kliniken
University of Stuttgart
Regional Council Stuttgart

Menold Bezler Rechtsanwälte Partnership mbB
Techniker Krankenkasse (TK)
Bosch BKK
IKK Classic
Evangelische Heimstiftung
ADS Allgemeine Deutsche Steuerberatungsgesellschaft GmbH
LMC Service GmbH

Die Schrittmacher GmbH & Co. KG

Contact Me


Brunnengasse 3, 73650 Winterbach, Germany

Image by Fabrizio Chiagano
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