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Zen Coaching

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Image by Joshua Woroniecki

"Our appointment with life is always in the present moment. And the meeting point of our appointment is right where we are." Thich Nhat Hanh

Why Zen and what is it actually?

Zen is a form of Buddhism whose teachings and practices provide a very helpful compass for dealing with stress, grief, dissatisfaction, illness and general suffering, regardless of cultural or religious background. Zen Buddhism offers a variety of very down-to-earth tools in theory and practice to help us navigate difficult times and break unhealthy thought patterns. Zen is used in many areas,  in the business context, in competitive sports, in health care to mentally strengthen and support people (as, for example, in my work at the Stuttgart Clinic and in my practice), in psychotherapy, in rehabilitation, in prevention area, in trauma management, etc. The positive effects of Zen and mindfulness have been proven in many studies. 

I support you on a path to more inner peace, equanimity and joie de vivre with discussions from the Zen perspective, with meditation and other mindfulness exercises. I support you in difficult times, in coping with stress and in dealing with crises.  I help you to become more mindful and to reconnect to and yourself others. You can learn to deal better with stress and become the eye of the storm in turbulent times, instead of being spun around helplessly, trying to fight things you can't change. Learn to flow with life's changes, accepting what you cannot change and letting go of what weighs you down. In this way you will become more resilient in general, discover new ways of dealing with stress, problems and suffering and enjoy a more fulfilling life.

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