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Children & Teenagers

Image by Ramin Talebi

I support children and young people who suffer from school stress, anxiety or other issues. In my work as a high school teacher, I have repeatedly experienced how many children and young people are under pressure to perform and suffer from fears of failure. It's important to show them a way to relax and reduce stress, boost their confidence, and provide methods to better deal with the pressure. I also offer general support to build more self-confidence, e.g. in bullying situations or other difficult circumstances. Especially nowadays, when the influence of Instagram, TikTok and Co is increasing, it is becoming more and more important to strengthen young people's self-esteem and make them less dependent on external influences. 

In addition, I support children and young people who are affected by the separation of their parents or the illness or loss of a family member. I help them with conversations to process what is going on and with exercises for relaxation and regeneration. Sometimes it is important to talk to someone from the outside, since it is often difficult for children and young people in these situations to open up to people close to them. This has nothing to do with general trust or the closeness of the relationship, but is often due to the fact that they are afraid of burdening or hurting the other. 

Depending on the age and needs of the child, I work with different methods such as client centered therapy, relaxation exercises, child hypnosis, elements of meditation and breathing exercises. The methods always depend on the circumstances and the individual needs and preferences of the child/teenager. 

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