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Image by Dominik Schröder

"Look within yourself. Within you is a source that never runs dry if you only know how to dig." Marcus Aurelius

Most people associate the term hypnosis with so-called show hypnosis, magic or swinging pendulums. But modern, serious hypnosis has nothing to do with that at all. Since 2006, the method has been scientifically recognized to treat pain, anxiety or bad behaviour. Around 10,000 psychologists and doctors practice hypnosis in Germany. Almost 200 studies have now proven its effectiveness.

The US psychologist Ernest Rossi was able to prove in studies that every person dives into a light trance state for 45 to 90 minutes every day. So trance is an everyday phenomenon. We are constantly switching between different levels of attention. Sometimes we give full attention to one thing, sometimes our mind wanders - and at times we are in a trance. This happens in many different situations: when we are daydreaming at work, when we are completely immersed in the book we are reading so that we lose all sense of time and space, or when we are praying or meditating. Since everyone is familiar with this condition, basically everyone can be hypnotized. 

Hypnosis affects the whole body: the metabolism, the hormone concentration and also the immune reactions can show positive change under hypnosis. Blood pressure drops, breathing becomes calmer and the pulse slows down - and this from the moment you sink into a trance. In trance, the hypnotized person is neither asleep nor awake, but in an altered state of consciousness in which they can concentrate better. 

I use hypnosis to help you change thought patterns, break bad habits like smoking, relieve chronic pain and reduce stress. In deep relaxation, your body and mind can regenerate and recover. The method has also proven itself in the case of exam anxiety. I also have very good experiences with hypnosis to improve the tolerance of chemotherapy. With every hypnosis, the hypnotized person always remains in control, at no point does one become a mindless puppet. 

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